In short

Are you from a marina?

Use Boatpark to rent out your visitor berths via mobile app to captains, offering them a complete new level of user experience and service! Benefit from pre-payment and automatic transmission of all documents, reducing your administrative efforts to the minimum.
Do you want to increase capacity of your marina? Tell your private mooring owners to indicate their absences in the app, so you can rent out these berths additionally.

Are you a private mooring owner or a charter company?

Register your mooring in the Boatpark App and make it available to other boaters for temporary use while you don’t need it. This generates additional revenue for you and your marina and helps other captains to find a safe place.
You keep full flexibility for returning by allowing reservations only on daily basis and option to cancel availability via app from anywhere at anytime.

Are you a captain and need a safe mooring?

Use our app to find available parking spots for your boat within your area. Reserve it directly by app with a few clicks from anywhere and be sure to have a mooring for the night. Yachting has never been easier!

Download Boatpark app for free to your mobile device


How do I get started?

It’s all really easy and simple, get a feel by watching the 1-minute videos here.

Why use Boatpark?

Have a look at this short video to see how Boatpark improves the process to find, book and pay for yacht moorings:

As a marina or private mooring owner: Why share your mooring via Boatpark?
As a captain: Why rent via Boatpark?

Recommend Boatpark to other mooring owners and get rewarded

Become a Boatpark Ambassador and motivate other captains and marinas to register as Boatpark users and to share their moorings via the app. If these users enter you as a referrer in their account profile, you will be rewarded for bookings made for these moorings.