Boatpark Ambassador

What is an Ambassador?

In order to make the Boatpark offering attractive and relevant, we strive to enroll moorings around the world as fast as possible. To accelerate the enrollment of new moorings, we are counting on your support. We are looking for people and organizations who can encourage local marinas and mooring owners to register as Boatpark users and to share their moorings via the app.

What is the incentive?

You will be rewarded with 20% of the Boatpark provision (as per Ts&Cs) for each and every booking made for a mooring enrolled via your referral. The incentive applies during the first year after registration of the marina or mooring owner if they enter your Boatpark User-ID (e-Mail) as referrer in their account profile. Only users approved by Boatpark can be entered as referrers. The reward will be transferred to your Boatpark account as credit and payout mechanism applies as for mooring owners (see Ts&Cs).

What do I need to do?

To become an  Ambassador, please familiarize yourself with the Boatpark app and concept by reading the complete web-site including the FAQ’s and General Terms & Conditions. Should you have any questions, please address these by e-Mail to We will respond to your questions and update the FAQ section in the web-site as needed.

Once you are familiar with the concept, please contact us on stating that you would like to become an Ambassador. Boatpark will get in touch with you to make sure you will bring over the information correctly and register you as referrer. With this you should be ready to get in contact with potential users such as marina authorities, charter companies, wharfs, sailing schools or other private mooring owners to encourage and support them in enrolling their moorings in Boatpark.

To support you in your marketing activities, you can download and print our marketing brochure for distribution to potential users.

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