What you need to know as a mooring provider?

What do I rent ?

There are two different options how you can offer your mooring:

  1. Rental including marina fee.
  2. Brokerage excluding marina fee.

If the mooring is defined including marina fee, the booking made via Boatpark is a temporary rental agreement between the provider (yourself/marina) and the renter. You need to be authorized to (sub-)rent the mooring to other sailors. The appropriate permission from the marina is required!

If the mooring is defined excluding marina fees, it is an intermediary between the provider and the interested renter. The booking via the app entitles the renter to use the availability information at check-in in the marina. The rental agreement is concluded directly with the marina authority upon check-in at the marina and payment of the marina fee by the renter. In this case, the mooring is not (sub) rented from a legal point of view.

Boatpark is acting as an intermediary on behalf of the mooring owner but is not party to the rental agreement.

As the provider, you are responsible to ensure the mooring can be used during the defined times by renters.

Price & payment

If you don’t have an explicit agreement with your marina, please do not include marina fees into your price in Boatpark. Such an agreement with the marina could be arranged by yourself or via Boatpark. Once such an arrangement is in place and Boatpark is informed, marina fees can be included into the Boatpark price.
Boatpark will deduct a provision (see Ts&Cs for details) from the price for their service and transfer the remaining fee to the mooring owner’s account. If the marina fee is included, the respective amount will be deducted from the owner and transferred to the marina’s account.


You as a provider are responsible that moorings can be properly used by renters during the times you defined as being available for bookings. Should usage of mooring not be possible (e.g. because mooring is occupied) and usage can not be achieved within 1 hour of the starting time, a penalty fee of the amount of 1 night will be charged to your account and the respective booking of the renter will be cancelled. Therefore no fees will be transferred neither to the mooring owner nor the marina (in case marina fees are included) for this booking.


Once bookings from renters have been received for periods you defined as available you can not cancel the availability of your mooring anymore. In case of emergency whereby the mooring becomes unavailable, please inform Boatpark immediately so Boatpark can contact the renter of your mooring.
If you are not sure about the time of your own return, please use the option for day-to-day booking which allows you to manage the availability of your mooring on a daily basis.

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