Why share your mooring via Boatpark?

Private mooring owners

  1. Support the community spirit by sharing your mooring while your are not using it and offering it to other captains.
  2. Generate additional revenue for yourself and the marina and reduce your fixed costs.
  3. Indicate mooring availability via app from anywhere , prolong or shorten it while you are on tour.
  4. Keep flexibility for early return by using the option for day-by-day booking.
  5. Get additional incentive by encouraging your marina to sign-up with Boatpark for all their moorings and enter you as referrer (see Boatpark Ambassador program).


  1. Enhance customer service through innovative digital booking process and increased convenience.
  2. Get an online reservation system for your marina at no cost and no risk.
  3. Reduce risk of “no shows” through upfront payment upon booking.
  4. Increase utilization of your marina and related services (e.g. shops, restaurants, gas station, etc.).
  5. Reduce effort for check-in through electronic submission of required documents by renters.
  6. Contribution to environmental protection through reduced need for new infrastructure due to better utilization of the existing infrastructure.
  7. Get additional insights about booking behavior of your clients.
  8. Option for integration with your existing reservation system.
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