What we do

Our offering

Boatpark is a sharing platform for short-term usage of boat moorings. This platform allows marinas and private mooring owners to enable temporary booking of their moorings at specified days and prices. Users can book the mooring via mobile app, at any time from any place without need to use radio, phone or e-Mail. Payment collection from users and reimbursement to mooring owner/marina is handled by Boatpark. Additional features are added to the booking app periodically.
With our service we help captains across the world to easily find a safe mooring and book it with a few clicks via mobile app. For marinas we increase the utilization of their facilities and significantly reduce the effort for check-in procedures, allowing even more focus on customer service. For private mooring owners and marinas this is the way to earn additional revenue from moorings during the times they are not utilized.

Our ambition

We strive to improve the utilization of the scarce resource of boat moorings worldwide, avoiding unused and empty moorings and in parallel simplify the booking process for marinas and captains through the innovative use of mobile technology. We contribute to environmental protection through reduced need for new infrastructure due to the optimized use of existing infrastructure.

Moorings worldwide, on the sea, rivers and lakes, are being shared via our platform and we aim to constantly expand our services for the global yachting community.

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