FAQ for mooring providers

FAQ’s for mooring providers

What moorings can I share?

You can share all moorings that are suited for temporary use by other sailors and for which you have a right of use. Moorings can be on the sea, lakes, rivers, canals and can also include buoys. Make sure you properly define the parameters of the mooring (e.g. max. size for boat) to avoid any problems for renters.

My marina forbids the subletting of moorings: can I still participate?

Yes, you can. If you enter the available periods of your mooring in the app, you simply have to define the price excluding marina fees. This means that you are only an intermediary between an interested renter and the marina as landlord, as the rental contract according to our Ts&Cs is only concluded when the renter has checked in at the marina and paid the marina fee. The defined price is a brokerage fee, which you will receive upon successful brokerage.

How do I define the price?

The definition of the price per night is fully up to you as a mooring provider. However, it must not be lower than the minimum Boatpark provision as per Ts&Cs (currently 1.50 CHF/EUR/USD/GBP). Please also consider any obligations you might have from your marina.
If you exclude the marina fee, we recommend to put between 10-30% of the marina fee as the Boatpark price.
If you include the marina fee in the Boatpark price, you have to get the corresponding agreement from your marina (if you are a private user) and you need to inform Boatpark about how to split the fees between marina and mooring provider(yourself) after deducting the Boatpark provision.

What costs are deducted from the price by Boatpark (Provision)?

The price defined in Boatpark is the full price charged to the renting user. From this amount, Boatpark deducts a provision according to Ts&Cs (currently 35% if marina fee is excluded and 10%/20% for marina/private moorings, minimum 1.50 CHF/EUR/USD/GBP per night). The remaining amount is fully transferred to the mooring provider’s account (if marina fee is not included) or split according to the agreement between the mooring provider and the marina.

Does a marina get less money for a mooring when rented via Boatpark?

If the marina fee is excluded from Boatpark price, then the marina will get paid by the renter directly for the full mooring price.

If marina fee is included, the marina gets 90% of Boatpark price for own moorings as the 10% provision is deducted. Considering the lower effort and payment collection for the marina this should be acceptable. Otherwise a moderate markup to the Boatpark price will reduce this gap and renters will accept the markup due to increased customer service.

For private moorings, the amount paid out to the marina depends on the agreement between the marina and the private provider that needs to be communicated to Boatpark who will split the fee of 80% of the Boatpark price according to this agreement (as 20% are deducted as Boatpark provision).

When do I get the payments for my shared moorings?

You will receive a monthly report about your bookings and about your balance per currency. Your Boatpark accounts must have a minimum balance of at least 50 CHF/EUR/USD/GBP per currency (as per Ts&Cs) before you can request any transfer to your bank accounts.

How do I know my mooring is booked?

Currently you will have an overview only in the monthly report or by looking at the confirmation mails we send to you for every reservation. However, we are working on an additional function in the app that shows you real-time when your mooring is booked by users. For checking a single day, just try to book your own mooring: if the pin appears in red, it’s booked.

What happens when a user cancels the booking?

The mooring will be shown in the app as available again and can be booked by other users. In case of short term cancellation, the user is charged a cancellation fee according to Ts&Cs. In that case, the cancellation fee is transferred to the mooring provider’s/marina account after deducting the Boatpark provision.

Is my personal data shared with the booking user?

No, the booking user does not get access to your data.

I don’t know yet how long my mooring will be available: what to do?

If you are going on a sail trip and are not sure how long you will be away and therefore your mooring will be available, use the day-by-day flag in the “Times and prices for booking” screen: if you enter a date-period of availability and you activate the day-by-day flag, then users can only book the mooring for the current day and only for 1 day duration. Like this, you have the option to terminate the availability of your mooring on a daily basis as soon as you decide to return.

My mooring has been booked by a user but it’s not usable (e.g. you need it yourself or it’s damaged): what to do?

If your mooring has been booked by a user during a time you have defined it as available but it’s not available for use, then you have to contact Boatpark immediately who will try to resolve the problem by contacting the booking user. In case the conflict can not be resolved and the booking user can not use the mooring, a penalty to the mooring provider or previous Boatpark renter applies as per Ts&Cs.

What if I have defined a period of availability and I need the mooring for one night myself?

The easiest way is to book your own mooring for yourself for that specific day. No payments will be collected (and therefore no provision is applied by Boatpark) if you book your own mooring.

Can I share multiple moorings?

With your Boatpark account you can share as many moorings as you like. Therefore this platform can also be used by marina authorities or owners of buoy fields to allow booking of their moorings via mobile app and benefit from the services of Boatpark such as the collection of payment and electronic transmission of required documents.