FAQ for renters

FAQ’s for renters

Where can I find moorings?

The platform allows to book moorings worldwide, so just look in the app for available moorings in your area. By zooming-out in the map view you can see if moorings are available within a bigger range as well.

How do I pay for moorings?

Any booking of a mooring in Boatpark is paid directly via the app through the payment method you defined in your account (credit card). If the marina fee is not included for the mooring you have booked, you will need to pay additionally the marina fee directly to the marina authorities at the beginning of your stay.

When I cancel a booking, do I get the money back?

All cancellations are fully refunded if done at least 10 days in advance. Otherwise the termination fees as per Ts&Cs apply (currently: 50% refund if done 5-10 days in advance, 25% refund for 2-4 days and no refund if done less than 48 hours in advance).

How can I change or cancel bookings?

At the moment you can not change any confirmed bookings. If you need to make a change, you have to cancel the current booking (termination fees apply as per Ts&Cs) and create a new one. If you want to extend your stay, simply add another booking for the next day(s).

What do I do if the mooring is unavailable on arrival?

Please contact Boatpark via the respective function in the app or directly by Whatsapp/e-Mail and send a picture of the situation. Boatpark will contact the mooring owner and try to resolve the problem. Should the mooring not be available within 1 hour from notification/start booking time, Boatpark will fully refund the payment to you and cancel the booking for this mooring.

When can I make a booking?

You can make a booking/reservation at any time, even far in advance. However, please consider that mooring owners often are sharing their moorings only few days in advance, therefore they might appear as unavailable if you try to book too early.
The mooring owner also has the option to allow the reservation only day-by-day: in this case the berth can only be reserved on the same day and only for the duration of one night.

Do I have to pay the marina additional fees?

This depends if the mooring price is defined including or excluding the marina fees. You can see this in the app prior to confirming your booking. Please see here for more details.
If marina fee is excluded you might want to check in the mooring description to see how much the marina fee will be: we suggest to the mooring owner to give a range or provide a link to the marina homepage.