Make more out of your mooring!

As owner of a boat mooring you are not permanently using it, e.g. when on cruise or your yacht is in maintenance.
Tell us when it is available for others, this generates revenue for your marina and brings you additonal benefits!

Why use Boatpark as a berth permanent renter?

Generate Revenue​
  • Generate revenue for your marina and related services by increasing the marina capacity
Help Others
  • Help other captains to find a parking spot while you are not using it and benefit yourself when on cruise
  • Support the “community spirit” amongst captains
  • Benefit from privileged booking by registering the availability of your own berth
Keep Flexibility
  • No worries: you will get your mooring back if you need it
  • Activate the “day-by-day” option so you can always decide to have your mooring back the next day
Anywhere / Anytime
  • Maintain your availabilities from wherever you are, whenever you have time
  • From home, from restaurant, from boat: just need internet connection
Compliant with Regulations
  • You can register your berth also when not allowed to sub-rent: don’t include marina fees in your price to indicate you are acting as broker only between renter and your marina.
  • Renting agreement is always with marina!
Marina Ambassador
  • Act as an Ambassador for Boatpark and get rewarded
  • Encourage your marina to register in Boatpark, so they receive booking confirmation e-Mails directly
  • Encourage other yacht owners and captains to use the app

Setup your moorings now!

Enter your mooring in the app yourself within a few minutes and maintain your absences.
Do you need help ?

We are happy to support you in setting up your moorings, just let us know.

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