Who we are

Andy Wyss
Founder & CEO

Andy brings together more than 20 years of experience in IT consulting for major global companies, more than 10 years as entrepreneur running his own company and he is a passionate sailor on sailboats and motor yachts.
He has founded Boatpark based on his experience that moorings often are cumbersome to find, the booking process is complicated and not digitized and marinas often are claimed to be full even though there are many unused moorings.  This triggered the idea for Boatpark with the aim to build a global one-stop-shop for boat moorings.

Bettina Wyss
Administration & Marketing​

Bettina is taking care of everything “behind the scenes” for Boatpark, making sure that our backoffice is running and supporting in marketing activities. She has an education in the medical sector and has been working for many years for a surgeon, responsible to run and coordinate all administration work for the practice. She shares the passion for sailing and even more for motor boating since a few years.

ETH Juniors
App development & support​

ETH Juniors is the consulting firm of one of the most renowned technical universities globally, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the partner of Boatpark for the app development and continuous improvement.​

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